Who we are

Who we are

Sultex carries out the import and export activity with its headquarter located in Brazil, Santa Catarina state, with a branch in Americana city (Sao Paulo state). Its strategic location of the distribution center in Camboriu city near the port makes the logistics of all its operation easier. Its business center located in Americana also allows us to be on the way to Sao Paulo city Capital for customized services to clients from all States. Founded in 2009 by the Barros family, it operates strongly in the furniture market, latex, fiber and fashion (clothing). The trajectory of the family in the textile segment exceeds 20 years of history; the group includes four companies among them national and diversified segments as mattress fabric, contributing even more with all the know-how and credibility to Sultex.

The great differential is the provision of services along with the clients and partners, with policies aimed at excellence and commitment of results.

Sultex is an innovative company in its management and commercial policies, attentive to the evolution of the market and specialized in its market niches.



To be a reference in the distribution of imported products and offer design solutions for the integrated network of loyal partners.


Ensure the satisfaction of our customers with quality, innovation and commitment in service. Inspire the freedom to create and express yourself.


• Reliability: Ensure transparency in all processes and relationships • Ethics: Honesty in conduct with customers, suppliers and society • Respect for people: development, care and appreciation of those who surround us • Quality: Product, service and delivery


The Distribution Center where all our physical inventory is stored in Camboriu city -Santa Catarina state, has a total of approximately 4,500 m2, planned vertically with all infrastructure/technology (WMS System) which enables the agility and organization necessary for the Administration and for the good flow of invoicing and delivery. It is worth it remembering that the asset security is done through monitoring 24 hours.

The branch in Americana-SP, our business center, is the main site of the Sultex team with the departments: commercial, administrative, purchase, financial and foreign trade. We serve in this location the customers/partners from all over Brazil in our show room, as well as our representatives and international suppliers.

Sultex currently has three business segments in its portfolio and is concerned with the right choice of raw materials for product composition. It is exactly what makes the difference and brings value perception to the business.

The fabric along with the design makes the final product create a proposal of enchantment, becoming an object of desire in the eyes of the consumer.

Decision-making is linked to the senses, state of mind, memory, so vision and touch directly influence.

See detailed below each segment:

Decoration segment

We are specialized in the furniture segment, we commercialize fabrics for decoration, mostly are semi-knit, with flat fabric lining to give greater stability and structure. The products are used most often for upholstery coverings, armchairs, dining room chairs, decorative accessories, cushions, mattresses, headboards, bed box, among others.

Our products have the differentials of durability, comfort and excellent touch, thus pleasing the profile of the Brazilian consumer, which every day values more its residential environment.

The mix between color combinations and textures, are bringing a new idea for the composition of integrated and cozy environments.


It is one of the most crafted products in our home decor line, which is synonymous with sophistication, comfort and elegance. It is a very inviting contemporary classic, a true wildcard when it is time to make your environments even more glamorous and full of charm!

What are your main advantages?

It is a timeless choice, high strength, pleasant touch, versatility and wide variety of designers.


We currently add our line of rustic fabrics, inspired by the tendency of natural elements, which bring into the house the connection with nature and create environments that tell stories, because the decoration offers this opportunity.

In order to bring natural elements into your environment, the tip is to bet on materials and coatings which fulfill this idea.

Rustic thread, the apparent flame and the colors of the Earth, the forest, the sky and the sea, used in applications of different nuances make up a light and sophisticated environment.

What are its main advantages?

High esthetic appeal, beauty, functional characteristics such as resistance, versatility and wide variety of textures and shades.

Decoration segment (latex)

Sultex is a representative and exclusive distributor of LATEXCO company in Brazil.

LATEXCO is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of latex products for the sleep industry! Headquartered in Belgium, the company is a multinational with 5 sites in the world (Belgium, Spain, the United States, Indonesia and Sweden) specializing in developing products for the sleep industry, working in more than 100 countries. It has a research center focused exclusively on the development of products that makes greater comfort and higher quality to its user.

We have the complete line, contemplating:

  • Latex pads from 1cm to 4cm for comfort layer (pillow top)
  • Latex gel pads from 1cm to 2cm
  • Pillows

Fashion Segment (fabrics)

We work with several product ranges, including flat fabric and knitting. Our specialty is the supply of bases for digital sublimation printing and to still compose our mix we have a range of colorful articles with season colors and products already printed with designs developed by our designers. All this so we can provide a greater number of options for the development of our customer collections. Below more details of product lines:

  • Sublimation Bases: More than 20 articles destined to “Tops and Bottons”, for several modeling from fluids to structured, a mix of commercial products that meet women’s fashion, children’s segment, party and specific parts to the market of magazines. Offering options for our customer to develop their unique printing work.
  • Colored: Commercial color palette for composition along with the print or even in solid colored items. Currently the colors have a great participation in the collections.
  • Printed: Finished products already with prints developed by our style team in Brazil and with our DNA. The differential in this product are competitive prices and agility (finished print) which allows the purchase of small quantities and variety of prints.


We have a team of representatives throughout Brazil trained for customer service and personalized consultancy in loco, so we identify individual needs.

One of our great differentials is the partnership in Purchasing Planning with our client, working with reservations according to the demand and arrival of the materials, in other words, we keep a regulator stock of the main items and colors according to the records. This is an essential matter for furniture industries where production cannot be interrupted, ensuring the progress of productive work. 

In fashion segment the resource of reserves negotiation makes the demand of the initial investment easier, necessary for the launching of the new arrival collections, allowing the financial planning, scheduling the logistics, physical space and ensuring the supply of raw material, which we know it ´s been the main difficulty with imported products recently.


We are represented throughout Brazil. If you would like to schedule a visit with one of our representatives, you can contact us by phone: +55 19 3471.3843 / +55 19 3471-3859 and +55 19 3471-3845, where our commercial department employees can direct them.

Show room (business center)

Av Brasil, 1500, Bairro Santo Antonio. Sala 501 (room 501)

Edifício Nova York – Americana, SP  

Zip Code 13.465-770


We support a diversified market of customers on various business fronts, each customer is valued regardless of size or profile:


We are specialized in high – volume accounts which exceed 200,000 meters per month with our differential planning and service in this segment. However, we serve small to large customers, industries, dealers and retailers.


We mostly serve clothing making fast Fashion segment and planned collections. We have customers specialized in magazines and wholesale fabrics dealers. We work from smaller clients as large accounts throughout Brazil.


Contact us

You are welcome to meet us in person and have coffee with us if you wish.

We will be pleased to show you around our showroom, exchange ideas, show our researches, upcoming projects and anything that can contribute to your business outcome.

Through a briefing and the profile of your brand/company, we can search our collection and our suppliers with differentiated materials and enable the purchase of these exclusive goods!

Feel free to schedule an appointment with us. We will be waiting!

Our contacts

Phones: +55 19 3471.3845 / +55 19 3471-3859


Av Brasil, 1500, bairro Santo Antonio. Sala 501 (room 501)

Edifício Nova York   Americana, SP  

Zip Code 13.465-770

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